Use and Care of Tacoma Union Station

> The Tacoma Union Station is a non-smoking facility.

> The “responsible person” for the event must be available on site from the beginning of set-up to end of clean-up. This person needs to make contact with security upon arrival.

> A walk through will be conducted before and after each event with security and the “responsible person”.

> All tables and chairs must have protective footing on them. Tables and chairs that damage the floors will not be allowed. Do not slide any items, i.e. garbage bags, furniture, speakers, across the floor. This will cause damage you will be responsible for.

> Do not affix items by any means to the walls, doors, floors, or any part of the building proper. This includes taping of electrical cords to floors. There are rubber cord covers available in the kitchen closet. Please return them to that closet at the end of event. Please contact the Rotunda Coordinator for assistance in decorations.

> Items such as tables and chairs, electrical cords, ladders, tools, or any other items are not provided. You are responsible for all items necessary for your event.

> Access to the venue is permitted during the hours you requested on your contract only. No event activity can occur during normal business hours of the courthouse.

> Electrical service consists of 20 amp 120-volt circuits around the perimeter of The Rotunda and Balcony. There are no larger circuits available.

> The building staff will relocate the center octagon and benches prior to your event. Remember that your party cannot move the benches and they will not be removed from The Rotunda itself.

> Do not place anything in front of exits. This includes the entry doors to the Courthouse. Please leave a four-foot easement for fire safety and entrance to the Courthouse.

> Use care when using the east balcony area (above the clock). The flooring consists of the original glass block installed in 1911. NO TABLES AND CHAIRS ARE ALLOWED ON THE GLASS BLOCK FLOOR.

> Do not use helium filled balloons. Other balloons are acceptable.

> Candles are welcome as long as the flame is enclosed. Large candle displays are not allowed due to fire hazards of a historic building. Please discuss all candle usage with the Rotunda Coordinator prior to your event.

> Alcohol is only allowed in the building on the dates shown on the liquor/banquet permit. NO OPEN CONTAINERS CAN LEAVE THIS FACILITY. YOU CAN NOT SELL ALCOHOL IN A FEDERAL BUILDING.

> Do not have sound levels above 85 decibels. It will cause damage to the rotunda dome.

> The tables and chairs on the Concourse cannot be removed from the Concourse. Prior arrangements with the Rotunda Rental Staff must be made for them to be moved by the rotunda staff.

> There will be a $300.00 charge per ½ hour of overrunning of rental time.

> The security guards are security guards, not helpers. Please do not ask them for assistance in setting up, cleaning up, or any other service.

> NOTE TO CATERERS: there is no gas or propane cooking allowed in this facility. Sterno is allowed for keeping foods warm. Electric cooking sources are permissible in the preparation room.

> NO GLITTER inside or outside of the Rotunda.

> Packages/gifts are not allowed in the Rotunda. This includes wedding gifts.


Please contact the Rotunda Rental Coordinator with any questions at: (253) 863-5173, extension 223.