The following special guidelines are set forth for dance rentals in addition to regular guidelines:

  1. Dances shall conclude no later than 1:00 am. The facility shall be cleaned and returned to its original clean condition. Music shall be stopped 15 minutes prior to the end of the dance, so the facility can be emptied and secured at the start of the cleanup time.
  2. All dances shall have a minimum of 4 Tacoma Union Station security guards for each dance. Events with over 400 students require another guard per 100 students and will be added to the event at an hourly charge.
  3. There is a minimum requirement of 1 chaperon per 50 students. Schools are also urged to provide their own security.
  4. All paperwork shall be signed by the responsible party which must be either a vice principal or principal. The responsible party or his/her designated school official shall be at the dance. Students and parents are not considered school officials. Teachers and counselors may be designated officials.
  5. Full payment is due 30 days before event. The Rotunda Coordinator will send written instructions of how to pay the invoice on line with a credit card.   A purchase order shall be a form of deposit, therefore, must be returned 30 days after completed estimate has been sent out.
  6. There shall be no drugs or alcohol consumed on the property. Students under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance will be asked to leave the facility, and may be detained until proper authorities respond. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  7. GSA reserves the right to allow only the number of people in the facility as agreed upon in the rental agreement. It is important that attendance estimates from renters be accurate on the rental permit.
  8. Security staff reserves the right to stop a dance at any time due to violent or destructive activities by students. Such activity includes touching artwork, vandalism, and rowdiness. If a dance is stopped due to this type of action, no refund will be granted.

Access to the building during setup time will be limited. Renters shall indicate to the coordinator the number of people setting up. Only that number of people will be allowed into the facility during the agreed upon setup time.